We're at the forefront of the the food-as-medicine movement, using technology to rebalance the imbalances in our society. We're solving food and nutrition insecurity one step at a time – with the results to back it up.


Improving quality of life at scale.


Elevating data-driven and evidence based innovation and solutions capable of reducing diet-related healthcare spending.


America has a food and nutrition problem that's also a costly healthcare problem.

Those working hard to solve it are operating in silos, often recreating work that already exists.


We've successfully deployed scalable solutions to address food and nutrition insecurity and misalignments in the food supply chain.

Data from our pilot

1 %

engagement rate from referrals

1 %

reported an improvement in food security status

1 %

of patients/participants reported an improved health-related quality of life and improved health


Johan Larsen


Johan Larsen is a social entrepreneur, focused on the intersections of government, healthcare, technology, and social services.

Prior to co-founding Synergy, he developed and managed a public-private partnership that deployed synthetic DNA technology that resulted in a 70% reduction in property crime in select areas of Knoxville.

He has lived and worked around the world, including in Denmark, Switzerland, Andorra, and Silicon Valley.


Bjorn Oste

Bjorn Oste is a serial entrepreneur and cofounder of the Swedish oat milk brand Oatly, which went public in 2021 at a $10B+ valuation. He has gone on to co-found Good Idea beverages, the world’s first proven functional mealtime drink with the ability to balance blood sugar levels.

Lisa Piercey

Lisa Piercey, MD, MBA is a nationally recognized physician executive with extensive public and private sector experience. Lisa served until 2022 as the 14th Commissioner of Health for the State of Tennessee, managing a $700M budget and leading over 4,300 employees.

Mark Staffen

Mark Staffen is a healthcare leader with over 30 years experience in the Medicare space. He has worked with major health insurance companies like Anthem, Centene and Humana.

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